11 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls (#9 Shocked Us) (2023)

Guys are known to like girls with particular features and behaviors, but how about the shy girls? What is it about them that gets guys’ motors running so hot? Read on below and learn 11 of the top reasons why guys like them!

Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

Not all men agree, but generally speaking, most guys tend to find shy girls absolutely adorable. There is something about their shyness and the vulnerability it implies that’s practically irresistible to men.

Why Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

From their adorable looks and quirky behavior to their honesty, the fact that they gossip less, and that they are capable of deeper levels of intimacy, there are tons of reasons for guys to like shy girls.

Here are a few of the most common ones:

1. They Are Vulnerable

Shy girls are often viewed by guys as much more vulnerable than their talkative counterparts. That’s because they don’t talk much, so when they do speak up they are revealing more about themselves than others are. Guys dig the vulnerability of shy girls as much, if not more in some cases than a strong and outgoing girl with good looks and a bubbly personality.

2. They Are Honest

Guys have a way of connecting shy guys, in their minds, to the virtue of honesty. Whether or not all shy girls are actually more honest is quite doubtful at best guess. But, nonetheless, guys still feel like shy girls are more honest than others. This is probably due to the fact that they speak a lot less than other girls, and most of what they say is basic and truthful. So, in a way, it makes perfect sense for guys to see shy girls as more honest.

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3. They Are Trustworthy

As with seeing shy girls as more honest than the talkative ones, guys also have this thing where they connect shy girls’ behavior with the virtue of trustworthiness. In their mind, if you are shy and honest, you must also be a trustworthy person. And, sometimes, that is exactly what it is. The problem with the school of thought, however, is that sometimes the shy girl isn’t honest at all, let alone trustworthy, which is what makes her shy, to begin with. Her shyness is a shield to obstruct your view of her plotting and planning until it’s too late.

4. They Don’t Gossip (As Much)

Genuinely shy girls tend to talk less in general. So, it comes as no surprise that guys think that the shy girls don’t do as much gossiping as their talkative friends do. For the most part, it’s logical thinking, and most likely correct. That said, some shy girls are only shy around certain groups of people (like boys they like, or new people). When they are with friends they are familiar with, they could gossip as much or even more than normally talkative girls who talk the same amount no matter who they are around.

5. They Are Cutie Pies

Guys see shy girls as cutie pies, plain and simple. It doesn’t get much cut and dry as that. Shy girls project vulnerability, purity, and many other female attributes highly sought after by men. Therefore, they are automatically cute and adorable!

6. They Make Guys Feel “Special”

Speaking of how cute and adorable shy girls are, they tend to make guys feel more special than other types of girls. That’s because guys think the shy girls have less experience with friends and relationships. More or less, in their heads, talkative and sporty types have had lots of friends and boyfriends, but the shy ones haven’t. So, each deep connection they make is that much more special.

7. They Aren’t as Annoying

Shy girls don’t tend to be as annoying to guys as their talkative friends do. In some cases, sadly, it’s simply because the guy won’t feel so greedy and self-centered to constantly talk about himself. In other scenarios, it’s simply that shy girls are easier to listen to, and talk to, than the girls that ramble on and on about themselves and their feelings regardless of what’s going on, who they are with, or where they are.

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8. They Are More Submissive

Guys also believe that shy girls are more submissive than other girls, which does tend to be the case. If they are too shy to speak up, they aren’t likely to protest or argue. Further, if a guy is into BDSM or Dom type play, shy girls are far more attractive because they don’t need the additional conditioning that bossy girls need in order to be prepared for their role in the bedroom.

9. They Think Shy Girls Are Virgins

Many guys actually make the mistake quite often that because a girl is shy that she is a virgin. Sure, lots of shy girls are virgins, and a lot of girls are shy because they’re NOT virgins (if you catch our drift). Life isn’t always pretty for girls just because they’re prettier than men, especially in their late teens and early twenties. Bad things can and do happen, and some shy girls are shy because of trauma in their past, including sexual abuse.

10. Their Voice is Erotic

Shy girls talk a whole lot less than other girls, that’s why their voice is far more erotic. Because they have less to say, guys want to hear it when they do talk. Guys actually wait for it, yearning to hear and savor each delicate syllable spoken. Believe it or not, the mere sound of a shy girl’s voice can give some guys an erection (or at least arouse them in a major way).

11. They Make Guys Feel Strong

Shy girls seem meek and in need of protection. It makes them feel like strong macho men when they are with shy girls. The shier the girl, the stronger the guy feels. Just going on a date may leave him feeling as if he parted the seas for her, rolled out the red carpet, and fought off hordes of would-be threats.


Why Do Guys Find Shy Girl Attractive?

Shy girls are most attractive to guys because of their obvious vulnerability and absolute cuteness. It is also crucial to note that most guys view shy girls as less promiscuous, more trustworthy, and more capable of a deeper level of intimacy.

How Do Guys Like a Girls Appearance To Be?

What guys really like girls to look like these days may be shocking if you’re still on yesterday’s news; guys like girls that are slightly shorter than themselves, with average to small breasts, and get this… brown or black hair! That said, at least a third of men still prefer blondes.

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11 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls (#9 Shocked Us) (2)

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