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Choosing a treatment center is an important decision, one that requires dedicated research and consideration. And, while every recovery facility’s primary goal is helping their patients achieve sobriety, the path to get there may vary. Some rehabilitation centers may focus strongly on the detoxification process alone while others may tackle the challenge of adapting to life after sobriety. It can be difficult to narrow down which place is the best choice for you or your loved one to overcome addiction.

It’s best to have an idea of what type of facility you need and the atmosphere you require. The place you decide on makes a difference the success of the recovery process. To help, we have mapped out ten of Georgia’s best detox center options. Each offers a unique mission and core values. See which one aligns with what sounds most beneficial for you. We honor and celebrate anyone who chooses to turn their life around and call on the help, support and resources they need.


Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (1)MARR Addiction Treatment Center, located in Doraville, GA, is a private, non-profit organization, which was established in 1975. The center provides long-term treatment for abuse and addiction and focuses on lasting recovery for their patients through gender-specific programs. To reach a successful path to recovery and healing, MARR digs into the core issues common to drug and alcohol abuse.

Women dealing with addiction face different challenges than men, including how the body processes alcohol and drugs. By providing gender-specific programs, MARR allows for a customized treatment process based on the individual needs of the men and women they treat.

MARR is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Programs and is recognized as one of the top cost-effective rehab centers in the country. Their 90-day program allows for recovery in a safe environment with a particular focus on spiritual growth. The coping tools taught at the facility also help patients continue their sobriety once they leave the facilities, so they can go on to lead healthy and productive lives.

Additionally, MARR offers events for both family and alumni. Recovery 5Ks, educational training and seminars for families dealing with addiction, and alumni speakers and services make the center an active part of continuous care.

Sunrise Detox Center

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (2)Located in Alpharetta, GA, Sunrise Detox offers patients medical detox combined with rehab or outpatient treatment in a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Their “Detox with Dignity” program includes 24-hour nursing support, as well as accommodations such as gourmet meals, private rooms, and other luxury amenities to help keep patients motivated and on a positive path.

Their facility carries such a positive reputation that over 800 treatment centers have deemed their program superior and have sent patients to Sunrise Detox before entering rehab. Past patients have praised the cleanliness of the facility and compassion of the staff.

The facility has welcomed over 30,000 people who have successfully completed detox from drugs and alcohol. Not only are people offered the tools they need for their individual paths to recovery, but also the emotional support necessary to aid long-term success. Sunrise Detox admits patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sunrise Detox admits patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Talbott Main Campus

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (4)Healing at Talbott Main Campus in Atlanta is guided by the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria. The organization focuses on a treatment philosophy that involves a holistic approach to care. They identify customized recovery plans for those being treated for substance abuse, but also for individuals who may have co-existing disorders, such as depression, unresolved grief, and other emotional or physical challenges.

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There are five, identified stages of the recovery process: treatment modalities, detoxification and stabilization, partial hospitalization program, patient assessments, and treatment planning. Each of these phases is broken down into specific areas designed to achieve and sustain sobriety.

The center staffs a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, specialists, and neurologists for a well-rounded, intensive approach to care. On the whole, a patient may undergo a medical evaluation, psychiatric evaluation, bio-psychosocial self-assessment, laboratory drug screens, and comprehensive psychological testing as part of treatment.

Talbott Main Campus also offers nearby apartment living for patients and provides resources for continuing care.

Talbott Dunwoody

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (5)Talbott Dunwoody provides outpatient care for drug and alcohol treatment via licensed therapists and medical staff experienced in treatment addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. This long-term recovery facility has over 38 years of providing effective treatment for individuals seeking outpatient care.

Patients are treated with personalized care that addresses the challenges specific to their path to sobriety. Different approaches to treatment include medical and psychological evaluation, patient education, recovery skills training, individual and group sessions, therapy, and plans for continuous treatment.

Day programs at Talbott Dunwoody are meant to be used in tandem with longer term solutions like those offered at Talbott Main Campus. There are four types of programs available: Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Program, Professional Program, Dual Addiction Program, and Young Adult Addiction Recovery Program.

Not every person is at the same stage of their life when addiction becomes a problem for them. Talbott Dunwoody welcomes a diverse group of people and base treatment on their individual needs to promote the best chance of recovery.

Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (6)True to its name, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery is located on 50 acres of beautiful countryside in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The drug and alcohol rehab facility provides a calming and comfortable atmosphere for clients throughout their detox experience.

Detox is for individuals who are committed to their sobriety and wish to welcome a drug-free lifestyle. Each person is assessed prior to admission to determine if the Detoxification Program or Residential Treatment Program is better-suited for each client’s needs. This program is monitored by the recovery center’s medical director and nursing staff to provide safety and support during the detoxification process. In certain cases, medications are necessary to help individuals.

The residential program is based on treatment goals but typically lasts 35-45 days. Individuals are given the tools and support necessary to not only battle their addiction at the time of their stay but also learn how to continue on their own when they leave the facility.

In addition, the recovery center’s family program offers a chance for loved ones of those admitted to receive education about alcoholism, addiction, and mental illnesses as diseases. Family members are welcome for regular visits and can attend a family program at no additional cost to show their love and support for their friends or family.

No Longer Bound

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (7)No Longer Bound offers a long-term, faith-based inpatient program for male addicts over the course of 12 months. The facility is centered on resolving past issues and repairing damaged belief systems. It was founded by Michael Harden who battled his addiction with cocaine and started No Longer Bound as a three-bedroom home before evolving it into a non-profit organization in 1991.

The Cumming, GA ministry welcomes approximately 82 men annually to help them with their addiction problems. Their mission includes the three Rs: rescuing, regenerating, and reconciling. They maintain a value system that closely aligns with Christ and building relationships with God, self, and family.

Due to the length and goal of the program, those who wish to be admitted must have a proven dedication to a drug-free lifestyle. Recovering addicts need to have completed the detoxification process and must enter the program tobacco-free. Rather than rehabilitation, the process is focused more on regeneration to live a life radically different than their life as an addict. There are additional programs available to the men who successfully complete the regeneration program.

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One path involves aftercare, which helps the person transition back into society by finding steady employment and reliable housing and transportation. Other program attendees may choose to continue their time at No Longer Bound through a 10-month discipleship training.

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Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (9)HopeQuest is a ministry group that offers four main recovery programs including Trek, Walking Free, Journey and Restore that each tackle different areas of addiction and the treatment necessary for recovery and rehabilitation.

HopeQuest focuses on helping individuals repair family relationships as well as relationships within the community. The structure provided through the facility’s programs promise success for people who seek a positive life change free of drugs and alcohol. The programs rely on the support of medical, psychological, and psychiatric professional volunteers to carry out the treatment necessary for the ministry.

The organization is one of the few who offer treatment for three distinct areas: alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and sexual brokenness. Each treatment path involves a dedication to a Christian-based value system and leans on this during every step of the recovery process.

Recovery Outfitters

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (10)Recovery Outfitters is located in Cumming, GA and focuses on drug and alcohol abuse treatment for young men who have been affected. The residential treatment at ROI House offered for males between the ages of 15 and 28 is designed to set realistic goals and expectations for sober living. Each program accepts 16 individuals at a time and customizes treatment based on each person’s needs.

Following ROI House, the CARES program is a solution for continued support in a transitional living situation. CARES stands for Creating a Recovery Environment for Success. At this stage, the staff help in preparing residents for future independent living by implementing the right coping tools and care.

While admitted to Recovery Outfitters, each person has the option of receiving academic credits through Avner Bush Academy, an accredited private high school. College prep classes and study assistance is available for those who choose to participate in ROI programs.

There is also a solution in place for young men who may have experienced a relapse. The Alumni Relapse Prevention Program is offered for attendees who have already completed the ROI Program and have shown an ability to sustain sobriety. Even if they return due to relapse, the ARPP program is structured to provide a restart to their recovery.

Black Bear Lodge

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (11)Black Bear Lodge is placed among the top five percent of treatment organizations in the U.S. It is set in an idyllic area of North Georgia created to offer a serene place for recovery and rehabilitation. The treatment center is part of the Foundations Recovery Network, and its level of care has been recognized as the gold standard in the industry.

The staff approaches treatment on a holistic level addressing needs to fulfill the mind, body, and spirit. There are specific stages of the rehabilitation process, such as motivational interviewing, a chance for a staff member and patient to work together to create personal goals. This allows each person to set their own recovery path and the opportunity to work through challenges more gradually, marking progress along the way.

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The center not only focuses on medical health and wellness for patients but also provides nutritional guidance and schedules fitness and team-focused activities as part of treatment. Additionally, creating life skills, coping skills, and trauma resolution enables a higher success rate of relapse prevention and sober sustainability following the program.

Foundations Midtown

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (12)Foundations Midtown is an outpatient center launched in 2014 conveniently located between Buckhead and Midtown. It offers flexible treatment options both morning and evening, which includes both individual and group sessions.

The center treats people dealing with addiction issues and correlating mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder or depression. Individuals who become part of one of the outpatient programs often enter them at different stages of their treatment.

Foundations Midtown acknowledges that every recovery path is different, and they embrace the diverse patient population they gather. Their holistic treatment philosophy is based on a stages-of-change approach. They help individuals with recovery from addiction and also, life skills, relapse prevention and other education support to promote long-term healing and sobriety.

Foundations Roswell

Best Detox Centers in Georgia | GeogiaDrug Detox (13)Outside the city limits of Atlanta, Foundations Roswell offers a holistic treatment model that focuses on the person’s individual challenges as a whole. They address each situation from a physical, social, and psychological viewpoint and create customized treatment plans to match the patient’s needs.

The center offers flexible daytime and evening programs at their outpatient center, providing a calm atmosphere conducive to healing. In addition to individual and group sessions, those admitted to the program can participate in other healthy, holistic options twice a week for free. These include, but aren’t limited to, acupuncture, tai chi, glass blowing, music lessons, and cooking classes.

They, too, are part of the Foundations Recovery Network and serve as an excellent resource for people struggling with addiction themselves, as well as those who wish to help their loved ones find the help they need.

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