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Smoothie King is a well-known brand for healthy and fresh smoothies. For someone looking for a delicious and healthy beverage, Smoothie King is often the place to go.

Smoothie King has been a favorite place of many health-conscious people for years now. Smoothie King attracts people who are looking for a healthier alternative to fast food and other unhealthy restaurant options.

In this article, we will review the Smoothie King target market and understand the different occasions when they will head straight to their closest Smoothie King to get their smoothie fix of the day.

Who is the Smoothie King Target Market?

To best understand the Smoothie King target market, we need to first understand the reasons why someone goes to a smoothie bar instead of making one at home, which typically would be cheaper and sometimes even more convenient.

Secondly, we need to understand why someone specifically chooses to go to Smoothie King rather than other smoothie bars that can be found in malls everywhere.

By understanding people’s motivations for needing a smoothie from Smoothie King, we can divide the Smoothie King target market into the following customer segments:

  1. People who like drinking smoothies
  2. People who specifically like the smoothies at Smoothie King
  3. People looking for a refreshing drink
  4. People looking for a nutritional enhancer
  5. People looking for a quick meal
  6. People looking for a pick-me-up
  7. Health-conscious people
  8. Parents looking for a healthy drink for their kids
  9. People who’ve just finished a workout

Let’s look at each of these market segments of Smoothie King.

#1. People who like drinking smoothies

Many people simply enjoy fresh smoothies and Smoothie King is one of the places they may go to. Smoothie King has a wide variety of smoothies to choose from, all designed to energize the drinker.

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People who fall into this category generally like Smoothie King because of its convenience and the taste of its products. Smoothie King is usually located near high-traffic areas such as malls, movie theaters, and amusement parks which makes it a convenient place to grab a quick drink.

This segment of the Smoothie King target market tends to be health-conscious but may not be as concerned about getting a specific nutrient boost or filling up on a meal. They’re mostly looking for a refreshing and tasty beverage to drink often to start their day with.

#2. People who specifically like the smoothies at Smoothie King

These are people who have tried Smoothie King’s products and really enjoy them. They may be looking for a specific type of smoothie that Smoothie King offers or they may just like Smoothie King’s smoothies better than other brands.

Smoothie King has built a strong reputation for offering delicious and healthy smoothies. Smoothie King’s fans often become brand ambassadors and help to spread the word about Smoothie King to their friends and family.

These people will regularly visit Smoothie King (maybe even daily) to get their favorite drink and often recommend Smoothie King to others. For them, a visit to Smoothie King is part of a routine that they really enjoy.

#3. People looking for a refreshing drink

The ideal customer in this segment of the Smoothie King target market is someone who is looking for a refreshing andhealthy drink to beat the heat, quench their thirst, or just enjoy something different.

They are often motivated by wanting to try something new or by seeing others enjoying delicious-looking smoothies. This type of customer is attracted to Smoothie King for its wide variety of flavors and its reputation for making healthy drinks.

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People in this segment may visit Smoothie King once in a while or become regulars depending on how often they’re looking for a refreshing drink. Smoothie King is often seen as a treat or a special occasion drink in this segment since it’s not something that people need on a daily basis.

#4. People looking for a nutritional enhancer

This segment includes people who are looking to improve their health by getting more vitamins and nutrients into their diet. They are often motivated by wanting to boost their energy levels, immunity, or overall health.

These people usually review the nutritional content of their smoothies to see how they can help them reach their health goals. They are a prime segment of the Smoothie King target market because Smoothie King offers very specific nutritional enhancers like Keto protein, when protein, multivitamins, fiber, etc.

People who usually add protein powder to a drink can find many types of protein powders to choose from at Smoothing King.

These people may be equally interested in other Smoothie King products like their fruit bowls which can be also another great source of vitamins.

#5. People looking for a quick meal

A big smoothie can often be a meal in itself, and this is something that a lot of people are looking for when they visit a Smoothie King.

They are often motivated by wanting a quick and healthy option that will fill them up without weighing them down.

Smoothie King provides a detailed ingredient list for all their smoothies and this can make it easier for anyone to select what they want in their meal.

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#6. People looking for a pick-me-up

Sometimes, people just need a little something to get them through the day and that’s where an energizing smoothie could come in.

This customer segment is often looking for a quick and easy way to get a boost of energy, and they are motivated by wanting a healthy alternative to coffee orenergy drinks.

These people may walk into a nearby Smoothie King and order a smoothie to give them the boost they need to get till their next meal or till the end of their day.

#7. Health-conscious people

This customer segment of the Smoothie King target market is made up of people who are looking for a healthy alternative to sugary drinks or processed snacks.

They are motivated by wanting to improve their health or lose weight and drinking more juices or smoothies can be a part of a larger life change that includeseating healthyanddrinking healthy.

Such people are often looking for something that is fresh while being low in calories and sugar. They are attracted to smoothie bars that have a variety of healthy smoothies available as well as options for customizing their smoothies to meet their specific needs.

#8. Parents looking for a healthy drink for their kids

Parents are always looking forhealthy snacksfor their children and a fresh smoothie from Smoothie King fits the bill perfectly.

Parents are motivated by wanting to see their children eat well but children are almost always more attracted to unhealthy snacks likepotato chips,chocolate chips, andice cream.

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However, smoothies can be one exception that unites both parents and kids. Kids often love the taste of a smoothie and parents are happy to see their children eat something healthy.

#9. People who’ve just finished a workout

Finally, people who’ve just finished a workout are often looking for something to help them rehydrate and refuel.

A cold smoothie can be the perfect post-workout drink because it is hydrating and full of nutrients that help the body recover.

And it can be a much healthier alternative to anenergy drinkor even asports drink.

This makes people who have just finished a workout (and also those who work out regularly) a great segment of the Smoothie King target market.


The Smoothie King target market includes people looking for a refreshing drink that can lift them up and give them a vitamin boost just when they need it.

Sometimes, people will make a meal out of a smoothie and for those who are watching their weight or generally eating healthy, it can be an excellent meal.

When a smoothie isn’t enough for a meal, it can still be an excellent and healthy snack. The same goes for parents who are looking for something healthy to give to their children.


And finally, people who have just finished a jog or have come out of a gym can replenish themselves with a large energizing smoothie.


What is the target market for smoothies? ›

The target market for a smoothie business typically includes anyone who wants to make their body healthier with ingredients that actually taste good.

What is smoothie Kings target market? ›

Target Market

Our defined customer base consists of individuals who prioritize their health and wellness and are interested in consuming nutritious and delicious smoothies. We will target health-conscious customers who are looking for a quick and easy meal replacement or snack on the go.

What is the Smoothie King mission statement? ›

At Smoothie King, our mission is to inspire people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy-lifestyle individuals and families recognize our brand as the premium smoothie bar franchise and Smoothie Bowl destination.

What demographic drinks the most smoothies? ›

Market research found that 78% of women are more likely to purchase smoothies than men. This statistic is a powerful indicator of the potential success of the smoothie industry.


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