The SWAG™ Conference (2023)

Frequently Asked Questions

While this is does cover a wide range of questions, it is not exhaustive. If you have a question about the SWAG™ Conference and do not see it here email us at

  • What does SWAG™ stand for?

    SWAGTM stands for Sanity, Wealth, And GratitudeTM.

    April recognized that small business owners often get stuck "in the weeds" of business, focusing on the day-to-day operations, and forget about why they are working so hard. Losing their inspiration leads to burnout, sacrifice, and too often, giving up.

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    SWAGTM is a simple way to focus your efforts as you drive toward your ultimate vision of success.

    Using SWAGTM as a guidepost, April teaches strategies and tactics that focus efforts into three things:

    Sanity - eliminate chaos, like scrambling to cover shifts or a mental to-do list that lasts from the moment you wake up until your heavy eyelids close, and embracing a truly flexible schedule and confidence that your team is not just running the business, but growing it for you.

    Wealth - exchanging thoughts of scarcity, watching the revenue number like a hawk to reassure yourself you will be able to make payroll, not paying yourself a salary, too scared to invest in growth strategies, etc., for the security of knowing that money comes to you quickly and easily and that more is always coming.

    And - this little word represents wholeness, that you get to have a successful business and a fulfilling personal life; you get to invest both time and money in the things that bring you joy; you get to have it all!

    Gratitude - banishing fear from your mind and your nervous system, such as thoughts of failure, being scared that an employee will quit, or feeling like you are letting your family down, and instead, fill your heart and mind with gratitude on the regular, living a life of calm abundance.

  • Is this conference for me?

    Franchisees - YES!
    Most franchisees attend one conference a year – their brand’s annual conference, where they usually soak up the energy of the brand culture, build amazing relationships with their fellow zees, and leave feeling like they didn’t learn anything new.

    This conference is designed with you in mind by an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee who has been where you are. If you are feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, or just lost on what to do next to build your business empire, this conference will have the answers and be the catalyst to taking you to your vision of SWAGTM.

    Small Business Owners - YES!
    Just like franchisees, you are responsible for hiring your team, marketing your locations, doing the bookkeeping and admin work, making all the decisions and wearing all the hats. The main difference between you and a franchisee is that a franchisee signed a contract promising to achieve SWAGTM through a specific set of brand rules and standards.

    You don't have those limits. you have complete freedom in deciding how you will accomplish your SWAGTM, and the SWAGTM Conference will teach you the best and fastest ways to do so.

    Emerging Franchisors - YES!
    The franchising industry is full of conferences – some to help educate franchisors, others to introduce future franchisees to their dream brand and still others to influence legislators on the needs of the franchising industry.

    But, the only business education opportunity for franchisees is their brand’s annual conference.

    An annual brand conference is essential to solidifying the brand culture, reinforcing the importance of following brand standards, creating a community of trust, teaching franchisees best practices.

    But, for emerging franchisors, a brand conference is a huge undertaking, often beyond the budget and bandwidth of the corporate team at the early stages of brand development.

    Unless the franchisor partners with the SWAGTM Conference...

    Suppliers - YES!
    We are in the business of building businesses, and that means YOU too! When you sponsor, we will provide opportunities to connect with our attendees at a level you've never experienced before at a conference, but you will also get the benefit of the conference content. Everything our experts are teaching in the sessions can be applied to your business to create the fastest path to your SWAGTM.

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  • When and Where is the SWAG™ Conference?

    The SWAGTM Conference will take place in
    Brentwood, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis County)
    April 18-21, 2023

    April 18, 2023 - Travel day with Registration and Welcome Reception taking place in the evening

    April 19 & 20, 2023 - General Conference Sessions

    April 21, 2023 - Interactive Co-working Workshop, The Claim Your SWAG™ Workshop, to customize the lessons for your business and create the materials to implement the strategies upon arriving home. This workshop is an optional add-on event to General Admission tickets and included with VIP tickets.

  • What do I get with a General Admission ticket?

    General Session Admission
    Tuesday, April 18 - Thursday, April 20
    Including all sessions, meals, and networking events listed on the agenda, which can be found here.

    SWAG™ Bag

    Option to Purchase Claim Your SWAGTM Workshop
    Friday, April 21, 2023

    *This package excludes admission to theClaim Your SWAG™ Workshop on
    Day 3 without purchase of a separate ticket.

  • What do I get with a VIP ticket?

    General Session Admission
    Tuesday, April 18 - Thursday, April 20
    Including all sessions, meals, and networking events listed on the agenda, which can be found here.

    Exclusive VIP SWAG™ Bags

    Claim Your SWAGTM Workshop
    Friday, April 21, 2023

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    Laser Coaching Session with April

    VIP Gourmet Breakfast with April and Speakers

    Professional Headshot Photograph

    Reserved Front Row Seating during main stage sessions

  • Can you explain the Day 3 Workshop option?

    Friday, April 21, 2023, we will hold the Claim Your SWAGTM Workshop.

    Admission to the workshop is included in the VIP ticket and can be added on to a General Admission ticket.

    The workshop is a co-working event with our expert presenters. You will have the opportunity to move between stations receiving hands-on instruction and guidance in applying the new concepts and strategies learned throughout the conference. So, when you go home, you won't have a bunch of work to put all of your new knowledge to use - you'll be able to just plug-and-play.

  • Are tickets refundable?

    Tickets are non-refundable.

    However, tickets are transferrable. To change the name associated with your registration, the buyer of the ticket must email from the email address associated with your registration with the name of the person who will attend in your place.

  • Is Lodging, Transportation, and Food Included in the Ticket Pricing?

    The SWAG™ Conference includes food and beverages to the extent indicated on the Agenda.

    Conference attendees are responsible for their individual lodging and reputation, and receive a discounted room rate at the Drury Inn & Suits - Brentwood, MO when booked through the SWAGTM Conference booking link.

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  • How Many Tickets are Available?

    To provide the intimate SWAGTM experience, in-person attendance is extremely limited and expected to sell out.

  • Are Payment Plans Available?

    Payment plans are available for Emerging Franchisors and Suppliers.

  • Are Virtual Tickets Available?

    Not at this time.

  • Can I purchase tickets for other people?


  • Do I have to currently be a franchisee or small business owner to attend?

    Franchisees and Small Business Owners may purchase General Admission or VIP tickets on this site.

    Any others wishing to attend the SWAG™ Conference should reach out to to inquire as to available ticket options and pricing.

  • Is there a way to find other attendees to room with?

    Ask April Porter hosts the Franchisee Infinite Success Facebook Group where franchisees and small business owners connect, collaborate and learn together. You may post in that group asking for other attendees looking for a roommate to contact you.

  • Is this a kid-friendly event?

    No. This is a professional event.

  • How can I sponsor this event?

    We are so glad you asked!

    Visit our Sponsor page for general information and email to receive the sponsor packages.

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